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Michelle Richardson -  "Michelle Richardson is renowned as one of Australia's foremost intuitive healing practitioner. Her approach to intuitive healing transcends mere symptom alleviation, guiding individuals towards their innate capacity for self-healing. Through her practice, Michelle has empowered countless women and men to reclaim their health and wellness, often achieving remarkable recoveries from illness and disease with minimal reliance on conventional medical interventions.""Lymphology: A Positive Path to Pain-Free Living"

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Lymphology Australia 
Lymphatic Drainage massage 
Non - surgical Body work 

         What is Lymphatic drainage massage ?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle technique designed to stimulate the flow of lymph fluid in the body, aiding in the removal of toxins and waste products, reducing swelling, and boosting the immune system.

   What is Non - surgical body work ?

In order for healing to occur, we need to convert scar tissue back into connective tissue, dissolve crystallization, and relocate displaced calcium back to our bones. 

 What are Energy healing devices?

An energy healing machine is a device that  harnesses various forms of energy, such as electromagnetic or vibrational energy, to promote healing and balance in the body. In our clinic we utilize the SOQI BED,  E - power device and Chi machine.


 Lymphology Australia

Where we redefine the boundaries of health 

Led by our founder, Michelle Richardson, our team of highly skilled and qualified Lymphologists warmly welcome you. With over 37 years of diverse healing modalities, certifications, and teaching experience, Michelle's lifelong dedication to the body's innate healing ability is the cornerstone of our approach.

At Lymphology Australia, we offer exclusive services designed to rejuvenate your health and empower you to embrace optimal well-being at every stage of life. 

A lifetime of health and wellness entails prioritizing practices and habits that support physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

As seen on channel 31 Health and wellness lifestyle show 

Michelle  explains the Lymphatic system and the importance of oxygen to regenerate the body 

Non Surgical Body Therapy sessions

In order for healing to occur, we need to convert scar tissue back into connective tissue, dissolve crystallization, and relocate displaced calcium back to our bones. This transformative treatment has the remarkable capacity to restore bones to a healthy condition, regardless of the patient's age, non-surgical methods to gently separate the fibres, as these physical impediments hinder the body's natural healing process.

Wolfe Non-Surgical Body Therapy has the remarkable ability to reverse what may seem irreversible. It stands as the most potent bodywork technique ever developed, surpassing all others in its transformative effect, with over 35 years of experience in training and treating individuals, commands global respect in the field. By addressing the four pillars of health—physical, emotional, nutritional, and belief—and receiving a Perfect Day consultation that delves into these patterns, any condition can be reversed.

For sessions, please reach out directly to Michelle at 0405040217.

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Our Team

Lymphology Australia pioneering Non Surgical health and speed healing lymphatics,
the power to reverse the seemingly irreversible is within your reach.
Lymphatic massage, Non-Surgical Body Therapy, Training courses, SOQI Energy Beds. 

Next workshop 5th July till 7th Sunday  8 spot only - 

162 Colby Dr  Belgrave south Melbourne 


0405040217 Michelle 


Three day workshop learn about Lymphology and Lymphatic drainage 10 am till 4 pm  Saturday  till Monday cost $985  per person only 6 per class, learn to heal your body and upskill your profession in health and beauty 

International training enquire 








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SOQI BED Energy Medicine 

By integrating lymphatic massage, thermal therapy, and comprehensive education, our programs offer tailored solutions to address a spectrum of health concerns. From tackling excess weight and alleviating back/joint pain to reducing inflammation and managing conditions such as migraines, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, our approach is holistic and results-driven.

Moreover, our programs extend support for mental health challenges like anxiety, bipolar disorder, and eating disorders, fostering holistic wellness. Additionally, we specialize in combating chronic fatigue, empowering individuals to reclaim vitality and quality of life.

Experience the transformative impact of our integrative approach, designed to nurture your well-being from every angle.

Elevate Dopamine Naturally with Lymphatic Drainage Massage!

Dopamine, often hailed as the "feel-good" neurotransmitter, plays a pivotal role in regulating mood, focus, energy levels, and behavior. Its influence extends to motivation, memory, attention span, and even physical movement.

When dopamine levels dip, it can result in a lack of drive, feelings of fatigue, susceptibility to addictive behaviors, mood fluctuations, and memory impairment. Additionally, inadequate dopamine production has been associated with conditions like attention deficit disorder (ADD), depression, obesity, and various other health issues.

Remarkably, around 90% of dopamine synthesis occurs within the digestive system.

Collaborating with Dr. Bush, who offers a groundbreaking product capable of fostering healing within a mere 4 hours, we're exploring innovative avenues to boost dopamine levels. Moreover, we're teaming up with other esteemed doctors who specialize in complementary approaches. Ever wondered why some people engage in repetitive movements like tapping their feet? It turns out, such actions can actually stimulate dopamine production.

Let's unlock the natural potential of your body's dopamine system through the transformative power of lymphatic drainage massage!

Call 0474494021
Call 0488417788

Women's Health 

Breast Care Prevention is the only way to stay healthy and free of disease  

The SOQI Bed  – What is it and how can I benefit from it?

The SOQI Bed Spa is a total health management system. It is a combination of scientific technology and Chinese medical science. It combines Motion, Thermal and Electrical Energy to release toxins and unhealthy build up in your body. It restores the natural healing ability of your body to improve your immune system and also to extend your life span.

The three components of the SOQI Bed Spa are the Sun Ancon Chi Machine (which uses motion), the Hot House Dome (which uses thermal) and the E-Power Machine (which uses electrical energy).

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Our Mission

Lymphology Australia was established to help people find their natural health. Our role is to uncover the cause of your health issues and teach you to further prevent and in many cases reverse these conditions. We will provide you with: An understanding of the body as an energetic system and the tools and techniques to be responsible for your own health. A better understanding of the mind and body connection, activating the healer within.  Support and empathy from our clinic professionals that will inspire you to make the shift to new belief systems to greater health. Listening, understanding and loving the whole person you are, you will be able to take back your power to be your authentic self, confident in decisions to improve yourself and your families overall health and wellbeing.


Lymphatic Drainage Manual Massage 

Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the drainage of lymph nodes and movement of lymph fluids around the body. It will relieve lymphedema, reduce all health conditions and issues, restore the body back to strength and vitality.

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Belgrave Clinic (Lymphology Australia)

162 Colby Dr,  Belgrave South, VIC 3160 

Ph: 0474 494 021

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Office Manager

Belgrave south

Michelle Richardson Director

Michelle Richardson Director

Lymphologist - Belgrave Clinic Lymphology Australia

Director of Lymphology Australia Certified Lymphologist, non surgical body therapist

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