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Women's Health

Fatigue tends to affect women of all ages, posing a significant challenge. So, how do we navigate life's stresses effectively during these periods? The good news is, there are plenty of strategies available to maintain wellness and sidestep issues like weight gain and menopause. With a few straightforward tools and the right knowledge, we can embark on a journey towards healing and rejuvenation for our bodies.

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Lymphatic drainage massage, Non-surgical bodywork ,Energy equipment, and Women's Pamper days are some of the ways we support women's health at Lymphology Australia.

Lymphatic drainage massage offers benefits for women's overall health and well being, increasing energy, balancing hormones, breast health and supporting weight loss.

Non Surgical Body work gently takes apart physical energy blocks allowing lymph ,blood and energy flow to increase. Whether its working on a Pelvic clearance, an Abdominal lift or Breast restoration, Non Surgical is an unique approach to women's health.


Reflexology sessions are also available. General benefits include reduced stress, improved circulation and immunity support.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping) works effectively to eliminate physical pain and emotional distress by working on  trapped emotions which have disrupted the energy field within the body. 

The above modalities are supported by the use of the energy equipment such as the SOQI bed, E power and Chi machine


Aromatherapy Sessions such as using the Rainbow technique. Specific oils for your needs are dropped from a height onto the spine in relaxing silence.

Pamper Days At Lymphology Australia We offer regular pamper days for women. Small groups can also contact us to arrange their own Pamper days whether its for a Bridal party, Birthday special or just because.

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