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Rob Mitchell No need for drugs that never cure any disease Lymphatic drainage is the way to cure a disease permanently.

Rob Mitchell 2nd June 2024  

My knee was so painful, after one session of Energy bed and Non surgical pain gone can't believe it. Michelle is so wonderful 100% satidfied.

May 20/3/2024 

GOUT ISSUES A client came to me in so pain, “ can you fit me in “only had 30 mins spare, did a 30 mins non surgical session to remove the inflammation which had crystallised and block the oxygen to the big toe the whole foot, could barely walk, the pain horrible. Next day rang me to say feels no pain and waking normally again, but it bloody hurt during the session breaking down the inflammation, …. Amazing 😻

Pete 15th March 2024

Jourmana and Amanda here we, come all the way from Sydney and attended your 3 day workshop on the 12 th Jan. Thank you Michelle for such an incredible time with you and the girls All the information given and shared was extremely helpful to our business. you've inspired and motivated us to move forward with some new idea's We couldn't stop talking about the course when we came back home. You are amazing always check up on us to see if we need anything God Bless you.Lots love Joumana and Amanda.


Jan 12th 2024 

Free movement, Michelle is amazing and Understanding, Michelle"s treatments been able to release so many painful and stubborn issues restricting my body. I am have free movemnet and balance with in my body.

Tania McCallum 

13th March 2024 

I remember being in so much pain, with the doctors saying I had arthritis, "We can't help you, just take panadole " which did nothing, After going to Michelle I found I had inflammation throughout my body, I could hardly walk with sore knees etc. Michelle massaged my leg and stuck her elbow into the side of my knee. After that my knee didn't hurt and I could walk and the pain hasn't come back. Woohoo

Sue 9/3/2024

Hi Sean I was so excited with what I experienced this morning and wanted to share with you. Actually I experience two things I stopped what i doing to focus on the feeling. It was as if my body had a furness my metabolism kicking in. I feel everything you have me doing is finally working Yay. and thank you. P.S. I've dropped another 2.6 kg since I saw you

Client of Mr S. Connel

Good new experiences. Highly recommend!


Hey Michelle, I’m feeling really good, I felt so light after my treatment yesterday.

Rosie Pascuzzi

I cant believe after one treatment the results


13 Jul 2021 for Two sessions: one-hour lymphatic drainage massage Michelle was so informative and caring in the treatment, we both walked out on a high.


WHAT A STORY ….. well done team LA ❤️❤️❤️ would like to thank Julz and Michelle for the last session I had a week ago. I have had a bad back for the last 50 years after a fall on the coccyx when my horse's saddle slipped as i tried to mount it (a bad prank). I didn't take much notice at the time and kept living my life but since turning 60, 12 years ago, my back has been aching if i stand for too long, if i sit on the wrong chair, if I lift something heavy...And sometimes the pain can be excruciating. When I mentioned it to these two practitioners, they decided to do a "non surgical" session on my lower back. Let me tell you that it is not for the faint-hearted, I had bruises on each side of my coccyx for a week and my whole spine felt very tender. BUT I can now move much more freely and I don't moan and groan every time i stand up after sitting for too long...Only one session and Michelle broke the calcium deposits around my lower vertebrae and i feel so much looser. I have booked another session to deal with upper back....yes I am a work in progress but at 70+ I don't want to even contemplate any surgery, so the painful massage is a small price to pay for freedom of movement and freedom from pain. I love the Soki bed that warms up your muscles before the massage and I really enjoyed the lymphatic drainage massage to clear toxins and eliminate fluid retention. I can't thank Julz McGowan and Michelle Richardson enough for what they do. Michelle has also trained Barbara Pitkunigs and Julie Jarrett who also work in the same clinic in Belgrave South, so there is no shortage of skills and compassionate care if you need help. With gratitude. Bernadette

Bernadette 8th May 2024 

I came in with sore toes' non surgical and half energy Bed felt Absolutely amazing, no pain light and warm. Fanstatic,Highly recommended Brilliant feeling

Sonia 20/3/2024 

Elated lighter and hopeful its was educational, empathetic and skilled in massage, 10/10 best holistic treatment i've ever had frist session non surgical one hour stomach lift

Velzelauras 13th March 2024 

Thank you so much for today Michelle I'm feeling sooooo much lighter Between my shoulder feels like a mental clamp has been lifted


16th Feb 2024

Hey Michelle my left leg has been pain free with no scar tissues stiffness at all after 4 sessions LMD

David T 

30th November 2024

LYMPHOLOGY AUSTRALIA - NON SURGICAL another extremely happy client, 4weeks in now no more chronic headaches after suffering years of debilitating pain.Also with guidance from her Doctor she is off all pain medication.

Shiromi 10/3/2024

I have been a client of Mr Sean Connell for many years I have found him to be a most professional, qualified and caring practitioner, working with the Lymphatic Drainage System. His life’s work is to help other people to cleanse and heal their Lymphatic Systems in order to live a more healthy and happy life. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Sean Connell and his treatment to anyone, as it is so very relaxing and you feel completely revived. Thank you Sean for all your help and care over the last few years.


Extremely knowledgeable specialist who took his time in explaining how things work and what the benefits are!!


A 65 year old client was told by her doctor to increase her oxygen levels for her heart condition. She was only managing 90% and she had to increase to 95 or 100% She was a little skeptical at first, but was blown away after two weeks and only her second session, her oxygen increased to 100%. Her doctor took the reading on a monitor and was astonished. First session only 10 mins on the chi machine followed by 50 minutes manual lymphatic massage. Second session not as nervous 15 mins on the chi feeling fantastic.

Sue, 65

I cant believe after one treatment the results I am 5 weeks post op tummy tuck and breast surgery. I had never heard of LDM till I had my surgery and my surgeon recommended this to help with healing and recovery. I came across Michelle and she is amazing at lymphatic drainage massage. So much knowledge and passion in helping you heal, as well as makes you feel so comfortable in your own skin. Michelle’s knowledge of the lymphatic system and how our bodies work is so interesting and very helpful in healing. I highly recommend anyone that has had surgery, a sporting injury, is bloated, or just not feeling quite themselves to give Michelle a call.


5 Jul 2021 for Two sessions: one-hour lymphatic drainage massage Great equipment to stimulate lymph flow followed by manual treatment to complete the appointment. Michelle is great, explains very well and even gave a guided visualisation during manual lymphatic drainage. I'll be back!


I feel more normal than I have in a long time, at long last someone is addressing the issues. I will be back veery soon, can't wait ...

Chantel 19/3/2024

My two boys feel so much better after 20 mins of Lymphatic drainage massage they had gut issues

March 16th  2024 

Relaxed and happy Absolutely understood me, Fabulous Rejuvented

Sandra  10th June 2023

I recently had a Non Surgical session with Michelle I was struggling with my neck and getting headaches Michelle did my upper back and neck she has release lots of stress and my neck is so much better, I feel really good and highly recommend and I will be back

Joanne Jones 

28th Feb 2024

Hi Michelle No pain whatsoever and the arm also feels so much better Thank you so much for your healing hands Kind regards Wendy Wendesday 31 Jan 2024

Wendy 81 

Wednesday 31st Jan  2024 

The lymphatic drainage and massage sessions with Michelle Richardson has been emotionally and spiritually life changing for me. My anxiety levels have significantly dropped and I’m maintaining a more calm, even and content baseline. The 30 minutes lymphatic drainage machine rejuvenates and energises by body and its like doing a workout without any of the hard work. My body just loves it! The remaining 30 minutes lymphatic relaxation massage is very healing and calming. I feel so much peace and joy both physically and mentally after each of these sessions. I attend fortnightly and not only do I look very forward to it but these sessions with Michelle have positively impacted my life and I have been healing ever since.

Lucy  2021

After treatment for the next 5 days were back to normal no swelling or pain, after one treatment.

Natalie  9/8/2021

Michelle can't begin to explain the difference you have made to me and my arthritic body... Although still in pain .... it has decrease incredibly ... the machine and your magic hands are wonderful... u have me for life.... my mind is clearer .... my body is healing .... thank you.

Cathy Smith

I have suffered for 20 years with lymphodema .I had my first treatment yesterday and i feel great.the swelling has gone down in my feet, Michelle was very professional and explained everything to me.cannot wait to have another treatment. Marj C

Marj C

I am feeling fantastic Really great experience of particularly your massage for lymphatic system I can see clear freshness on my face I am feeling fantastic Really great experience of particularly your massage for lymphatic system I can see clear freshness on my face I am feeling fantastic Really great experience of particularly your massage for lymphatic system I can see clear freshness on my face


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