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Dr Darrell Wolfe is dedicated to transform the community to bring back abundance of health and love.
To teach others how to heal themself with his lifetime of skills and knowledge with non - surgical treatments. 

Non Surgical sessions will transform your life with 6  -  8 sessions. The way it is taught, is lovingly opening the scar tissues to allow oxygen and Lymph flow to transform old dead cells into new connective tissues to bring back life and health. It is the same as having surgery without the traumatic effect on the body being cut open and weeks of recovery with no harmful drugs involved. As non surgical practitioners we do not diagnose replace doctors or specialists. With the perfect day consult discussion we bring balance back into your life emotionally nutritionally and physically. With your first consult you receive a 500 page PDF to guide you through these steps  and access to a unlimited education library for all your questions. 


The perfect Day lifestyle consultation the key to set you free

30mins  - one hour Initial Consultation Personal and private with a non surgical session:

  • Personalized Perfect day Lifestyle Protocol 

  • Written Protocol 

  • lifetime of support and Guidance 

  • Connect via skype, facetime, WhatsApp, or the toll free Number 

  • Lifestyle Designed for health and Happiness 

  • Healthy Diet and Recipes

  • Pain-free body 

  • Pain-free Muscles and joints

  • Perfect weight

  • Abundant Energy 

  • Mental health clarity and focus 

  • Peace of mind

  • Balance of Hormones

  • Healthy Glowing skin

  • Self-Awareness and self-respect

  • Strategies to create Life-changing Goals 

  • The power to self Heal 

  • The power to self Love 

Michelle Richardson's pathway to a Doctorate in natural medicine Brave HeartNation University - Darrell Wolfe 

My plan is to follow my heart, passion, purpose and deliver to the world a new health care system for the human race. Self care, self love to heal the body.
Create a new platform of healing medicine to reverse all symptoms and suffering. 
Vision - To build a sustainable healthcare system for all 
Mission  - To see all people have the opportunity  to choose their own health path 

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.



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