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Energy Wellness - lymphatic drainage massage services

162 Colby Dr Belgrave South Melbourne

Consult with Michelle Lymphologist – 1 hour in the Energy Day bed for rejuvenation and reduction of Lymph fluid fats, toxins and inflammation.  A discussion on how we can support to you become healthier mentally, emotionally, basic nutrition and physically. A 15-minute head shoulder neck Lymphatic massage.

Lymphatic Drainage massage and Energy Bed - 30 mins in the Energy Day bed follow by 30 mins Lymphatic drainage manual massage, focusing on the Lymph nodes. A very gentle touch to the skin allowing the Lymph system to be stimulated and drain away toxins.

Lymphatic manual Massage 1 hour - one-hour gentle touch, 30 mins on front and 30 mins on the back, a lovely, heated bed to rejuvenation and relax to soothing music great for fluid retrain, lymphoma

Energy Bed and Collagen mask facial - One hour energy bed with a collagen mask apply to the face, Infrared red heat dome over the top of the face to have maximum benefit of fullness and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Followed by a 10 min head and face lymphatic drainage massage to reduce extra fluid around the chin and neck area.

90 min Lymphatic Massage - one-hour manual lymphatic massage plus, 30 min back and front manual lymphatic massage focuses on points of the Lymph nodes clearing blockages. 30 mins in the Energy Day bed.

Two-person special package – in a shared room, one 30 mins in the Energy Day Bed and 30 mins Lymphatic drainage massage 30 mins each swap over for a one-hour service

Rife Machine electronic  frequency device - 45 mins laying on a heated bed with pads connected to your body and a frequency programme to help support any condition recover to greater health. Listening to mediation and soft smoothing music

Suite 2 Energy Day Bed - 1-hour lymphatic - Energy Day bed only

Rain drop technique -  1 hour in the Energy Day bed massage with 9 essential oils. Is a unique practice based on methods that have been used for centuries to rejuvenate the body and mind. 

Online Tutoring service - 

If you are struggling to leave your home or office due to other commitments we are offering a online tutoring service which can help in many ways, we can explain the importance of ridding your body of toxic waste and stubborn fats, to regain your health and vitality. We feel that many elderly people and young mothers would find this service very beneficial.

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