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SOQI Bed (Life Force) Energy Medicine

Our SOQI BED has numerous benefits for health and well-being. It aids in reducing inflammation, prompting cellular growth for the repair and rebuilding of both soft and hard tissues. Think of it as five medical machines working simultaneously on your body.


.Dr. Valentino Fuester, President of the American Heart Association, hailed the discovery of nitric oxide as ground breaking in cardiovascular medicine. Our Hot Houses harness this discovery, significantly increasing circulation and blood regeneration throughout the body. These Hot Houses detoxify the body, boost metabolism, and enhance circulation through heat rays.


They aid in recovery, cardiovascular health, and immune system function, while also assisting in weight loss, regulating hormones, and reducing blood pressure. Furthermore, Heat Therapy on the SOQI Bed promotes cell regeneration, fights aging, and delivers essential oxygen and nutrients to tissues. It even stimulates the immune system, aiding in the elimination of harmful pathogens.


Using the SOQI Bed provides a full-body workout while lying down, supports joints and muscles, and even offers the equivalent of a 90-minute walk in just 15 minutes. It increases oxygen levels by 30%, aids in weight loss, boosts energy, and aligns the spine while bringing balance to muscles. Understanding the vital elements for health survival—food, water, and oxygen—we emphasize the critical role of oxygen in our healing modalities. Lack of oxygen leads to various health challenges, while ample oxygen supply supports cellular health and overall well-being.


Our healing modalities address a wide range of health issues, from nerve function abnormalities to arthritis, asthma, skin disorders, and beyond. With the SOQI Bed's Energy Medicine, we aim to enhance your health and vitality, supporting your body's natural healing processes.

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For more information or to purchase a SOQI BED 
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