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Health and healing
at home SOQI BED  

If you wish to purchase a SOQI bed please contact me directly, the links below will take you to Chi machine Australia for the pricing and if needed a loan payment option. 

                                              SOQI Bed (Life Force) Energy Medicine


What is Heat Therapy and its benefits? The name of our SOQI Bed (Life Force) Energy Medicine

Reduces the inflammation after which cellular growth occurs to repair and rebuild soft and hard tissue

This equates to 5 medical machines that work on you all at the same time.

Dr. Valentino Fuester, President of the American Heart Association said the discovery of nitric oxide is one of the most important discoveries in history for cardiovascular medicine to reduce strokes and heart attacks. 300 x more effective in creating nitric oxide that increases circulation and regenerates blood through the body!

Our Hot Houses detoxifies the body and increases metabolism and circulation by rays of heat. Cells function rapidly and efficiently (speeding up your recovery time), enhancing the cardiovascular and boosting the immune system which fight infection. Burning HUGE amounts of calories.  One hour under our hot house burns over 900 calories and regulates hormones. As the body detoxifies, cells work better and crave less sugar and fats. Aids in the lowering of your blood pressure and stimulates the hypothalamus, a small area at the base of the brain, located in the midline, behind the eyes, which controls your appetite/hunger sensation.


  • Aiding in chronic fatigue, water retention and skin disorders.

  • Cleaning the liver and kidneys instead of forcing the body to process toxins through the skin.

  • Repairs damaged and diseased tissues by emitting photons to release enzymes, to activate macrophages that eliminate damaged and diseased cells.


There are many toxins that break down the body including trapped gases, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, poisons and carcinogens, lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminium, cholesterol, ammonia, copper, cadmium, urea, nicotine, alcohol, prescription drugs residue just to name a few. Our hot houses work to eliminate these toxins by reaching deep into blood and tissue, targeting bad cholesterol and fat-soluble toxins, heavy metals, sulphuric acid, sodium, ammonia and uric acid. Detoxifying to the deepest level.

Heat Therapy promotes cell regeneration (scaring, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles). The only antidote to excessive ultraviolet radiation, delivering oxygen and nutrients into soft tissue areas.


Hot House boosts the immune system!

By creating a low fever state of 1-3 degrees, the body increases cytokines, white blood cells and killer T-cells. Every degree your body temperature increases doubles your immune system. This aids in the elimination of bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites and cellular waste products including mutated cells.

You will experience:


  1. A full-body workout while lying down

  2. Being completely supported, which enables joints and muscles to be stress free

  3. Only 15 minutes on the energy bed gives you the equivalent of a 1 hour & 30-minute walk.

  4. Increases oxygen by 30% 

  5. Boost’s weight loss, increases energy and metabolism

  6. Aligns your spine and brings balance back into tight and weak muscles


What are the most VITAL elements for health survival?

  1. FOOD  and without it your body will last three weeks to two months

  2. WATER and without it your body will last one to three days

  3. OXYGEN and without it your body will last three to five minutes

This is why oxygen is so important to the body. 90% of our energy comes from oxygen and 10% food and water. The body is made up of 75% water (1/3 is oxygen) and oxygen is needed to remove toxins.


Here are Four VITAL body elements to create optimum health which all need OXYGEN.

1.    Protein = nitrogen + carbon + hydrogen + oxygen

2.    Carbohydrates = carbon = hydrogen = oxygen

3.    Water = hydrogen + oxygen

4.    Energy = carbohydrates + oxygen

Every health challenge is due to lack of oxygen and without oxygen, the body becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and any other infectious agent. All chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cellular level. 

Reference: The textbook of medicinal physiology - Dr. Arther C. Guyton M.D.  

Our healing modalities will aid in the following health issues.

Abnormal nerve function and distention,



Baldness (early onset)

Bladder infection    

Blood pressure 

Body Odor


Burns & Scolds 


Carpal tunnel          

Chest cold 

Chronic disease

Chronic nephritis    


Degeneration of tissue

Ear aches    

Eczema Psoriasis

Facial numbness

Fungal infections

Gastric concerns 


Headaches / Migraines     




Joint pain 

Knee injuries        

Muscle pain 

Menstrual cramps 

Neuralgia Paralysis

Poor circulation       

Radiation exposure  


Silicon breast toxins

Shoulder pain  

Skin aging  

Stomach aches


Toenail fungus       


Ulcerated large intestines

Ulcers / UTI’s



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We have a educational program from 1-2 hours to educate our new clients and their staff for more enquires contact Michelle 

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