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C60 works within a cell to decrease the oxidative burden by neutralizing oxidative radicals. C60 is known as a free radical ‘sponge’ with an antioxidant power far superior to other antioxidants. In one study, C60 was shown to be 270 times more potent than vitamin C in antioxidant power! C60 helps to maximize the metabolic efficiency of cells in the production of energy, hormones and in cellular metabolism.

C60, or Carbon 60, is a recently discovered fullerene made up of 60 carbon atoms that form a structure that looks like a hollow soccer ball. Due to the unique bonding within this structure, C60 interacts with free radicals in the environment creating a surprisingly powerful and non-toxic superconductive antioxidant.

C60 is reported to reduce the effects of aging, increase lifespan, reduce pain and inflammation and power up the immune system. Carbon 60 can be found in nature; it preceded life on Earth. C60 is produced in the atmospheres of stars, meteor impacts and during lightning strikes. In fact, C60 may be the foundational building block which supported the formation of the DNA double helix molecule!

Knowing human bodies are Carbon based and over 23% Carbon, the importance of C60 is readily evident.

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