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Face lift non - surgical

Face lift non surgical - 10 sessions

The effects of stress, sun exposure and ageing eventually take a toll on even the healthiest skin. Facelift non surgical, is designed to create a more youthful appearance by minimising signs of ageing and refreshing the overall appearance of the face, neck and jaw. While over-the-counter products may offer a certain level of protection, sometimes a facelift is the best option for significantly enhancing and restoring more youthful facial contours. With today’s advances in medical technology, facelift procedures have reached greater levels of sophistication, and can be used to take years off the appearance, without leaving patients looking “over-done” We recommend 10 sessions with our Energy heat domes and collagen makes with the non surgical face life, Collagen is a protein that is found in the skin, bones, muscles, and connective tissues of the body. It plays an essential role in maintaining the strength and elasticity of these tissues, which is why it is often referred to as the body's building block. In recent years, collagen has gained a lot of popularity as a dietary supplement due to its numerous health benefits, as we age this start to decrease.

With the facelift non surgical this increases the blood flow and collagen production to reduce fine fine, fullest in the face and glowing skin as we age.

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