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Lymphatic drainage education at home

Welcome to My Blog!

Inflammation, Manual massage, Health, Energy all at home brilliant

Now that I have said hello to the world, it’s time to introduce myself. My name is Michelle my first blog post is a chance to tell my readers who I am with a short bio, as well as introduce my passion and life career helping people to heal. With so many stories of healing and changing people lives, with laughter and amazing times we can do this. When we start working together that's when the healing begins. Thirty Five years in the making, the icing on the cake was becoming a specialist Lymphologist trained in USA it changed my world and now it is your time to change your world.


To become well from disease, pain and sickness we need to know how the body works, understanding the body is very simple, remove the stored wasted stuck in-between the cells that make up the body. With simple techniques you can this all at home and help the whole family. I will become your guiding angel to make things happen guaranteed. The biggest awareness we must open up to is stress and how to overcome this without medication or if you are on medication how to get off it and clear the emotional attached to the stress. With fun, amazing, enjoyable and achievable program this is the magic pill.

A Closing Message

Life can and should be amazing, a few simple steps to start you on the way, by picking up the phone for a friendly chat your life can in a flash

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