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Updated: Nov 19, 2022

We rely on being healthy to support our body and wellbeing, Its so hard living up to everyone's expectations, and its not really where we want to be. What is spirit anyway?, its so lost in the 21st century, region is long gone, the singing the joyous of community, love for one another, sharing all that is. Our thoughts are everywhere, living in the distance, or lagging far behind in a past trauma and not focusing on what is important just NOW. Four very easy laws to obey..

Breathing, natural foods, clearing stress from your system and your belief system.

1.Oxygen why? without oxygen our cells die and this creates illness and disease so beep breathing is very important.

2.Good quality foods ? straight from the growers or your own garden will make a huge difference to your Health.

Antioxidants are found in fruit and vegetables that will build and repair damaged cells caused by eating bad foods eg: sugar and processed food. Gut healthy can alter your moods from peace to anxiety

3. Your Emotional and mental stresses, what dose that mean? we are in automatic pilot we don't know how we ever got to where we are today, if we limit our Stress or even find peace, we can really change our direct in life? Even if we have nothing left can we gain everything, yes yes yes. First we must learn how the body arrives into a automatic path and then understand stress!! In your system stress causes you to raise your cortisol levels and in turn this breaks down the bodies health systems, health goes down, energy goes down, disease goes up and finally death. yep that easy.

4. Belief in what? your belief system is running your life and you don't even know it, how strange we are never taught how the brain really works all the communicated of a cells and the extraordinary way it controls us.

With the help of Energy Wellness you can be taught to manage your lifestyle, get great advice and be in tune with every forward step you make, we are located in Belgrave South right opposite the primary school. Why not give us a go, check us out, we offer person to person services and also a online services for those who are unable to travel far or don't wish leave their comfort zone.

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