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Living in pain is hard work Welcome to my 3rd Blog

Doctors how they were.....

When we visited our friendly Local Doctor 50 years ago life was very different, they had time to talk to you find out the reason behind your pain and discomfort. There was always a friendly smile and a trust that everything was going to be ok. The waiting room smelt good and the receptionist was gentle and kind. Our Local Doctor knew us, our life our children, understanding what we were about. We walk away with a trust and satisfaction that our local doctor was looking out for us and healing began.

But it doesn't seem that way anymore for most GP"S running from client to client, not understanding ones life, to busy to have a clear or complete idea of our pain, the answers are: take this to mask the pain, take that if that doesn't work come back we will try again, not good enough.

Have you noticed Doctors our often looking sick and tired themselves, overweight and stressed, maybe because they are too struggling to have the answers we all seek health, vitality and energy.

My biggest ambition is to open a day clinic bigger enough to accommodate thousands to walk in and receive that wonderful care of healing through different medicine, energy medicine, natural healing foods, positive thinking, working with people to find a way out of their pain. Movement medicine, laughter and positive vibes all contribute to instant healing. It is all possible if you are a believer.. Michelle Richardson Lymphologist

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