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Lymphatic drainage to boost the immune system

Posted by admin January 15, 2021

There has never been a more important time to understand how your immune system functions and how lymphatic drainage recharges/boosts this system. With a healthy immune system, we’re able to live in balance with everything that attacks our bodies. Most people don’t know your immune system starts at your coccyx bone and with your treatment, we realign your spine and coccyx bone. Book in for best ways to boost your immune system.

Certified Lymphologist removing inflammation so the body can heal itself. 

Lymphatic Drainage massage and weight loss. A video of weight loss using Lymphatic Drainage


Energy Wellness is helping people with Anxiety, PTSD, and Depression using Lymphatic Drainage. Because inflammation affects brain health and the only way to remove inflammation from the brain is by the Lymphatic System. Also, the pituitary gland and hormonal system play a big part in getting well. Using lymphatic drainage will help to remove inflammation from the brain and regenerate pituitary gland and the hormonal system. Also using products to heal the digestive system, leaky gut in four hours. 90% of serotonin and dopamine is made in the digestive system. Also, we help reprogram the DNA releasing the Trauma, emotion being stored within the cells.


Liquid Organic Whole Food for Body Balance

If you are looking for powdered Body Balance To-Go Sticks, click right here.

Body Balance liquid nutritional supplement is a certified organic, nutrient-dense, whole food multivitamin and mineral liquid. This means that from the second you take a sip of this 100% pure and natural liquid vitamin, you begin absorbing the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and enzymes that are there to nourish you. Pills, capsules, and other liquid supplements simply cannot make that claim. Just one daily four ounce (4 ounce) serving of Body Balance is full of organic nutrients from aloe vera and SeaNine® sea vegetables–with Bladder Wrack, Irish moss, Ascophyllum nodosum, Oarweed, Nori, Dulse, Green sea lettuce, Winged kelp,and Gigartina chamissoi (click the ingredients tab for the other names for these seaweed superfoods)–that are perfectly balanced with each other so that your body is being fed, not just supplemented. You spend less money on your vitamin supplements by getting full nutrition immediately from every serving!

A liquid vitamin that will help your whole body health, address health issues,  pH balanced to help with your acid-alkaline scale. Every bottle is tasty, pure and naturally low in calories. You know your body was made for food, not synthetics. When you start to feel the benefits of this holistic, healthy Body Balance, you want the convenience of both liquid (this page) and the airline-friendly, lighter travel pouches/stick packs of Body Balance. We’ve got some great news for you…

Remember, when you are using food for health, you cannot compare it to a synthetic supplement. In a synthetic supplement, the manufacturer puts together isolated nutrients with binders and fillers and lists those ingredients on the label. This does not mean your body will absorb these nutrients, it just means that much of that nutrient is contained in that pill or liquid. When you supplement with Body Balance liquid whole food, your body fully recognizes the nutrients and therefore those nutrients are needed in smaller amounts. They are almost completely bioavailable! And, you have no more concerns about the dangerous over-supplementing that has been in the news recently.

You also have peace of mind knowing that Life Force International is time-tested. Life Force has been manufacturing Body Balance liquid vitamin and mineral supplement for over 30 years, and they have the endorsements of over 6,000 doctors and other healthcare professionals–and counting! They are committed to only natural, non-heat related processing for all of their liquid vitamins and liquid nutrition supplements. They are so convinced you will love Body Balance that they offer a 45-day empty bottle guarantee. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, just return your empty bottles and they will refund your purchase price completely. Give it a try today–your balanced body will thank you for it!

Top Features

  • Liquid Organic Whole Food

  • Gluten Free

  • Vegetarian

  • Kosher (KSA)

  • Celiac Safe

  • Organic

  • Non-GMO

  • No artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours


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