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Michelle Richardson Author

Ricki the robot -  LANDS ON EARTH


Ricki the Robot has a very important message for all 
           non - surgical wellness facility for
children and parents a place to learn and heal with energy medicine 

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Our Story

-Michelle Richardson Author -

My story is very special, born a triplet and hid behind my mother’s skirt, and didn’t speak till I was 5 years old, I was bullied at school, reading, writing, speaking the English word was not part of my world. I didn’t believe I would ever have a normal life, and boy has my life changed now for the better, after many hard lessons I have learnt, No such thing as CAN'T

My diagnose was dyslexia and Dyspraxia which is a brain-based type of learning disability that specifically impairs the ability to read which made my speech messages from the brain to the mouth not heard and writing incomprehensible. Education is learning to be a better person and have a CAN DO attitude.

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