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Before: I'm scruffy

After: Now I'm gorgeous

Hy Guys, Michelle here to continue my blog on health and wellness

Heaviness means you are holding extra fluid around the cells, preventing your organs especially your digestive system from burning fat which leaves you feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

We at Energy Wellness in Belgrave South can help with these problems. Like all animals we love the feeling of freedom all around us and in particular within ourselves.

The first step to feeling gorgeous is to get our minds and bodies back into the healthiest shape possible and with the care and resources at my disposal I can improve the things that are working against you feeling amazing.

One of the many successful stories:

We have one Lady that comes to mind immediately who was struggling with sleep depredation and very swollen legs, when she arrived here on her first visit she could hardly walk with swollen red legs and feeling really uncomfortable through out her body, wondering how she was going to keep her business going standing on her feet all day which was agonising, after 30mins in the Energy Bed and a further 30mins Lymphatic Drainage Massage, she left here walking properly again with no pain, her words to us were " I feel like I'm walking on a cloud I will be back."

Our role is to uncover the cause of your health issues and teach you to further prevent and in many cases reverse these conditions. We will provide you with: An understanding of the body as an energetic system and the tools and techniques to be responsible for your own health. A better understanding of the mind and body connection, activating the healer within. Support and empathy from our clinic professionals that will inspire you to make the shift to new thought patterns. A commitment to working and collaborating with all medical professions to give you the greatest outcome for your healing journey.

The results are amazing but there is work to be done. Awareness is the first key, what is the cause of the body breaking down.

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